🌟 Welcome to my first ever preset pack! 🌟

I have spent years creating and perfecting these presets, so I am beyond excited to finally share them with you!

These presets have been my bread and butter in my personal and client campaigns. They are diverse and offer all my favorite qualities in editing: rich colors, moody tones, and touches of analog film qualities.

The Unicorn Presets were made to be tailored to any location, lighting situation, and skin tone with as little adjustments needed as possible.

The Unicorn Presets pack includes:

  • 5 Lightroom Presets
  • 5 different lighting & grain modifiers for each presets
  • A PDF tutorial on how to install & use your new presets!
    For Lightroom CC Ver. 7 and desktop use only.

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Hover over the images to see the before and after effect.

The Clover Preset

Moody • Analog Film • Cooler Tones

The Dahlia Preset

Dark • Rich contrast • Vivid Colors

The Petunia Preset

Rosy & Warm • Desaturated Colors • Dreamy Tones

The Magnolia Preset

Bold Colors • Creamy Skin Tones • High-Contrast

The Indigo Preset

Low-Contrast • Vintage Quality • Cooler Color Tones

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Lightroom CC Ver. 7 for desktop use only.

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